Gain a competitive advantage by monopolizing our “Unique” products.

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We currently offer franchise business opportunities available across New Zealand.

We are looking for new franchise owners to be a part of our expansion plans.

We have identified the following locations with plenty of opportunity to grow.

Botany, Glenfield, Hamilton, Henderson, Manukau, Northwest, Takapuna, Wellington and Northland.

We offer both discount dollar items and name brands, making sure you’re able to give our customers a variety to choose from while maximizing your profit.

It is not always easy to find retail and dollar store wholesalers that are reliable and consistent. You will find that we provide you with quality service and quality products. Our variety of retail & dollar store wholesale products will give you untold value in a number of ways. Your customers will love your store and you will love your profits.

If you are interested in owning your own LOTSA GOODIES, please do not hesitate to contact us.




We will provide a consultation based on your financial standards and location as to where a franchisee would like to open his/her store. As well, the franchisee will be given general information regarding being franchisee.


Market research for a property

After researching location for opening a store in different areas such as a shopping mall or streets we will contact to a mall manager or a property owner in order to identify expenses such as renting fee. Then if the potential franchisee is happy with conditions, we will organize a contract (There will be contract fees and Market research fee. Market research fee return when final contract made).


Confirmation for franchise agreement contract

Final confirmation regarding lease fee will be confirmed by a mall manager or a property owner..



Interior preparation and design


Opening a store

We help you open and operate your retail shops nationwide with over 10,000 wholesale dollar store items.


Follow-up Service

Becoming a franchisee with us means you are trained in each areas and receive comprehensive manuals developed by LOTSA GOODIES Ltd. New franchisees are given five weeks of initial training including hands on in store experience.