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Do you want to open a shop but you don’t have enough money? Or is it that you have money but can’t seize the opportunity? Contact Lotsa Goodies for a package of support.

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1. Consulting

We will provide a consultation based on your financial standards and location as to where a franchisee would like to open his/her store. As well, the franchisee will be given general information regarding being franchisee.



2. Market research for a property

After researching location for opening a store in different areas such as a shopping mall or streets we will contact to a mall manager or a property owner in order to identify expenses such as renting fee. Then if the potential franchisee is happy with conditions, we will organize a contract.(There will be contract fees)



3. Confirmation for franchise agreement contract

Final confirmation regarding lease fee will be confirmed by a mall manager or a property owner.

4. Interior

Interior preparation and design


5. Opening a store


6. Follow-up Service